dolph lundgren getty 320 'Chuck': Dolph Lundgren comes in peace ... or maybe not“Chuck” starts filming its fourth season this week, and the show has already landed its first guest star of the season.

That would be former “Rocky” villain and soon-to-be member of “The Expendables” Dolph Lundgren.

“Yes it’s true,” “Chuck” co-creator Josh Schwartz says via Twitter. “Dolph Lundgren to try and ‘break’ Chuck Bartowski in [the] Season 4 premiere.”

There aren’t many details available on the role yet, although given Lundgren’s history and what Schwartz says above, we’re guessing he’ll be a bad guy who comes after Chuck (Zachary Levi). (The show also doesn’t really tend to cast its guest stars against type; having someone like Lundgren or Vinnie Jones in an episode kind of eliminates the need for a lot of exposition).

That’s all well and good, and given how successfully “Chuck” has used guest stars in the past, we’re down with Lundgren playing the heavy. But if we may — and because it gives us an excuse to embed the video below — we’d like to suggest to Schwartz, co-creator Chris Fedak and the rest of the writers a little wrinkle: Dolph Lundgren, Elvis impersonator. We’re thinking an Ivan Drago-Jeffster! collaboration on something like the following be kind of great.

“Chuck” will again air on Mondays in the fall on NBC; the network hasn’t announced its premiere dates yet.

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Posted by:Rick Porter