josh gomez chuck finale 'Chuck' finale: Joshua Gomez gets some closure on Morgan GrimesPreviously on Zap2it‘s “Chuck” finale countdown, we spoke with Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin and the members of Jeffster! as they filmed the show’s last episode. Up next: Morgan Guillermo Grimes himself, Joshua Gomez.

The prevailing theme during “Chuck’s” final days of filming was, not surprisingly, the emotions the cast and crew were feeling at the end of their five-season run together. Joshua Gomez says the waves of feeling started even before that.

“I get a text from Ryan McPartlin going , ‘Dude, I just got the last script. I’m in tears, man,'” Gomez says. “I’m like, ‘Oh, was it good?’ He’s like, ‘No, I just looked at the title.’ I’m like, ‘Dude, didn’t you play football?’ This guy, he blows my mind. He cries, this man. …

“But it’s wonderful, and it’s beautiful. It’s all these beautiful moments. It kind of takes you five years, this journey with these characters, but specifically Chuck and Sarah. It’s a fun ride, and it’s a good, classic ‘Chuck’ episode that kind of gives you a bit of everything. But it’s definitely — for anybody who’s done that journey, obviously, or the fans who have taken that journey from the very beginning — I don’t see how you’re gonna not cry. So cry, dammit. That’s what we were going for!”

Gomez also talked a little about what fans can expect (aside from tears) in Friday’s (Jan. 27) series ender, getting closure on some story points for his character and more. Some highlights of the conversation:

Q: Were you sad that Morgan was de-Intersected?
A: Because it was a 13-episode season, I think things had to be kind of condensed and kind of told in a quicker fashion. I would have loved to have seen that arc play out. For me personally, it was a lot of fun to play. And I thought it would be fun to play Chuck and Morgan in sort of a Luke and Vader-type way, or whatever. It just sort of happens really fast in a television way. It’s just sort of like, bam! There’s a memory, and then I’m back and it’s good. And that’s cool — there’s a bigger arc to address, and that’s just sort of the way it has to go. But no, I’m not sad. Those fight scenes and all that stuff, it’s tough. It’s a lot of work. I was sore. I was very sore. So I don’t know if I miss that, but it was fun.

Was there something specific that got to you in this last episode?
We were doing the last scene in the Buy More, and that was the one. Out of all the sets and everything, that’s the one that, to me, sort of embodies the show. … So we kind of said good night to it, and we didn’t want to leave. We all just kind of stood there in a little circle talking about our favorite moments, from “Pineapple” [in “Chuck vs. the Nemesis”] to just all the mayhem that’s happened here. It was really cool, but then as I walked off the stage, and I was by myself … I just felt it, like, “That’s the last time I’ll walk off that set.” Then it hit me.

Is there anything you’re stealing from the set?

There are a lot of things I’d love to steal. I guess Warner Bros. archives has already claimed a lot of this kind of stuff. But I’m going to try and get a few. I definitely just want a couple of fun Buy More signs. Zac [Levi] was like, “I want the Nerd Herd desk.” They’re like, “No, that’s Warner Bros.” Plus, where are you going to put the Nerd Herd desk?

Does Morgan get closure in the series finale, or do you feel like another door is open for him?
It’s such a weird thing. … As far as the series goes, yes, I think so. The thing about the show is it’s so dense, especially with all these characters, you could literally ave episodes devoted to each separate dynamic, you know what I mean? So in that way, no. There’s always going to be, for fans or for myself, [the idea of] “Well, what did Morgan and Awesome have to say to each other?” But you have an hour to tell all this stuff.

But yeah, for this specific run of the season and things like that, there’s definitely a Morgan closure. And there’s stuff with Alex [Mekenna Melvin] which I think is cool, and Casey [Adam Baldwin]. Then you’ll just be left to kind of imagine — I’m sure, through fan fiction.

Posted by:Rick Porter