chuck s4 finale preview 'Chuck' finale preview: The race to save SarahHere’s what we can safely reveal about a visit to the “Chuck” set during filming of the season finale: There are scenes in a hospital, and all of Team Bartowski is involved.

Seriously — we almost don’t want to say more than that (not that we know much more). But as that would make for a rather short story, here’s a little more.

When Zap2it visited the show last month during filming of the finale, we didn’t know why Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) was in the hospital, and now we do: At the end of Monday’s (May 9) episode, Vivian Volkoff (Lauren Cohan) turned the DNA-seeking Norseman weapon on Sarah at her and Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) rehearsal dinner.

That final scene set up what promises to be a tense finale but a rather mellow day of filming for Strahovski.

“I’m unconscious for the whole day [of shooting],” she says during a break between scenes (which, incidentally, were filmed at the former hospital that housed “Scrubs” for eight seasons). “It’s my favorite day of the week — I get to sleep all day in a hospital bed, which I’ve never done before. Usually I’m fighting, doing something or other.”

Strahovski says what felled Sarah is akin to being poisoned: “I don’t know if ‘poison’ is the right word to use. It’s a kind of poisoning, I guess we can call it, and so Chuck has to find the antidote. … It’s very much a life-or-death situation, so the stakes are really high this episode.”

No one in the cast would spill on how the ending plays out, but the actors did say that it strikes the usual “Chuck” balance of giving viewers a satisfying close to the season while leaving room for more. They of course didn’t know yet that there would be more, but the show got its Season 5 pickup on Friday.

“What are they most going to look forward to in the finale? I mean, our diehard fans are going to be most looking forward to the fact that it doesn’t end,” Levi says. “And I think I can say that because the name of the show is [‘Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger’], so … I mean, it ends in the same ‘Chuck’ way that we’ve always ended any season, or half-season that later became a full season. … Which with that kind of — it’s open, what’s going to happen?

“But they’re going to see the same kinds of things that have happened every year, in that they’ll see the whole team collaborating and working together to make things right and have some closure about certain things that are really big, but also leave potential to be continued later.”

“It’s a good ending,” Strahovski adds, “but it does serve as a good beginning if we do get a fifth. I feel that every end of season has had to be that. We’ve had to because we never know, so the writers are always accommodating both situations where if it’s the end it has to be a satisfactory ending or a complete series end or it has to carry on with another storyline. They plan for both.”

You can see how it ends when the “Chuck” season finale airs at 8 p.m. ET Monday, May 16 on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter