chuck season 5 cast 'Chuck,' 'Grimm' premiere dates move back a weekAdd seven more days to your countdown calendars for the season premiere of “Chuck.”

NBC has decided to push the debuts of “Chuck” and new series “Grimm” back one week, from Friday, Oct. 21 to Oct. 28. The press release announcing the change says the move was made to “build two nights of Halloween-themed programming.”

All four of NBC’s Thursday comedies will air Halloween episodes on Thursday, Oct. 27. OK. But as far as we know, the “Chuck” premiere isn’t a Halloween episode, and “Grimm’s” pilot, while it has some scary elements, isn’t Halloween-specific either.

The network may want to promote “Grimm” — about a cop (David Giuntoli) who starts seeing certain people as monsters and discovers that A) Grimm’s Fairy Tales are real and B) he’s a descendant of the Grimms — during the Halloween comedy block. But presumably it could just as easily promote episode 2 of the show that week, because the scary parts aren’t going away.

The move does put the “Chuck” and “Grimm” premieres into the first sweeps period of the season, and since premieres tend to draw bigger audiences than subsequent episodes, that could be a factor. But that doesn’t make life any easier for “Chuck” fans pining for their show’s return.

Posted by:Rick Porter