chuck 0329 320 'Chuck': Honesty is the best policyThis season of “Chuck” may be winding down, but the action certainly isn’t! Plus, we finally know that we have another season to look forward to!

Chuck vs. The truth: Chuck tells Morgan about his Shaw dream, with explicit orders not to tell anyone about it. Morgan, it turns out, is easily intimidated by pretty women. And Sarah, it turns out, doesn’t like being lied to.

Her annoyance with Chuck is probably why she’s initially good with Casey’s plan of going through every single thing Sarah and Shaw did together in hopes that Chuck will flash. However, this exercise quickly becomes uncomfortable for her too, as she describes couples’ massages and new Tiffany earrings. (The guys on “Chuck” set a pretty high bar for guys in the real world, apart from all the lying and attempted murder.)

Casey’s mischievous plan totally works! Chuck flashes on Shaw’s penthouse, which contains a copy of the Kama Sutra, a hidden wall safe, and soon, Justin. Ruh-roh. Chuck and Sarah give chase after he makes off with a briefcase hidden in the safe, recovering it as Justin gets away. Inside the briefcase was Shaw’s “lockbox,” an agent’s last will and testament, containing Shaw’s information on the Ring (and confirming to Sarah and Casey that Shaw is dead). 

Continuing his streak of lying to loved ones, Chuck hides his spy-ness from his dad (in town after Ellie contacts him). Or at least, he tries to hide it. When he’s semi-busted, he assures his dad that he’s nothing but a CIA desk jockey. Once he’s busted on doing field work, his dad’s even angrier. Aaaand the final level of fury comes when he discovers Chuck downloaded the Intersect 2.0. Seems the Intersect can have a negative effect on the brain, as suspected. Whoops. 

Rather than explain his reasons for wanting to be a spy, Chuck blames his dad for leaving them again, which is pretty fair since he probably would have nipped this whole Intersect 2.0 thing in the bud had he known. His dad responds by leaving as quickly as possible. It’s a vicious cycle, folks.

Once home, Chuck’s dad works quickly to build something, but the Ring catches up with him before he can do anything else, demanding he turn over the the “Governor.” Chuck, captured as he visits his dad to explain why he wanted to be a spy, is able to show off his Intersect 2.0 skills to secure their freedom, along with Sarah’s non-computer-assisted and yet probably even awesomer help. I love shows where the women kick butt harder than the men.

Back at Chuck’s place, his dad shows him the Governor, which “governs” the Intersect since it, like a computer, can otherwise overheat — which would lead to dementia, insanity, and maybe death. Also prophetic dreams? He promises to make Chuck one, since Chuck wants to be a spy for the right reasons. It’s a good thing, too, since Chuck’s gonna need all the help he can get. Seems Shaw is working with the Ring, alive after all! Probably! And he downloads the Intersect! Or so it seems!   

Chuck’s dad vs. Ellie: Chuck’s dad returns after Ellie contacts him through coded messages in the classified section of the newspaper. Hey, that’s one thing the classified section still has going for it — if it were craigslist he’d have had to read through a zillion messages advertising sugar daddies and free couches that probably have bedbugs before getting to Ellie’s message.

Following in her family’s footsteps, Ellie takes on a bit of spy work when she sticks a tracer on her dad, leading the Ring right to his cabin where Chuck and Sarah help to fight them off. Justin also gives Ellie a device disguised as a speaker that he says will block Casey’s audio and visual feeds in the courtyard. 

At the same time, Chuck assigns Casey to protect Ellie from a potential Shaw visit. Casey hears her plan a clandestine meeting over the phone, and discusses with Morgan the possibility that Ellie would cheat on Awesome. Morgan takes it upon himself to investigate, and the ensuing conversation he has with Awesome is nothing short of, well, awesome. Like, “I’m going to play this clip to any potential boyfriends and require them to take detailed notes” awesome. Belgian waffles, people! And warm towels!

After Morgan has no choice but to conclude that if there’s a problem, it’s on Ellie’s end, Casey breaks into her apartment to check things out. When Ellie comes home to wait for Justin and hears Casey in the house, Justin instructs her to take a gun out of the speaker box he gave her so that she can “protect her family.” She compromises, hitting Casey with a frying pan and running out of the house, where Justin shepherds her to “safety” at Ring HQ, locking her in his office. 

Given that she’s supposed to be a doctor and all (and I assume you have to be reasonably smart to make it through med school and even smarter to win whatever fellowship she got), I feel like Ellie has been a bit too credulous throughout this whole thing with Justin. 

Lester vs. Street cred: Jeffster!!! They perform “Love Hurts” outside the Buy More (until someone who’s clearly crazy pays them to stop). Just as Lester complains that Jeff isn’t truly feeling the music, Big Mike offers to manage them. Lester has too much integrity to sell out, and so he takes the “ster” out of “Jeffster.” Oh noes! 

As you might imagine, Jeffster (or “Jeff?”) is nothing without Lester’s angelic voice. Also, it’s a lot creepier. Big Mike brings Lester around by confessing that he was the little-known fourth member of Earth, Wind & Fire: Rain. I can’t imagine his old, gold spandex costume would fit Lester, but it’s a nice gesture.

Quotes/Odds and Ends: 

  • Morgan: “He fell into a river?! Of course Shaw is alive! Haven’t you ever seen a John Carpenter movie?”
  • Casey: “Reviewing pictures of people you’ve killed? I do that myself from time to time.”
  • Jeff (sung): “Oh, I see how it is. Well I don’t need ya. Your uterus won’t fit my baby in it anyway.” 
  • Morgan: “John Casey, if I had the height or the willpower I would slap you across the face right now.”
  • Mr. Bartowski: “Does she have the Intersect, too?” Chuck: “No, dad. That’s all her.”
  • Chuck and Sarah are swapping spy wills. How … sweet?
  • Looking forward to next week!

Was that really Shaw? Is Awesome the greatest partner in the history of the world (apart from the whole lying about Chuck thing)? Would you want John Casey looking after you? 

Posted by:Liz Pardue