zachary levi chuck 320 'Chuck': Kristin Kreuk joins the Buy More staffPoor Chuck – he meets a great girl and makes a new friend, only to lose them both almost immediately thanks to his side job. “Chuck” also looked at the difference between Chuck 1.0 and Chuck 2.0, with Casey firmly aligning himself on the side of Agent Chuck, and Sarah nostalgic for the “sweet, innocent” Chuck of yesteryear.

Chuck vs. the New Friend: A nerdy scientist-type is working on a big weapon for the Ring, and Chuck is tasked with developing Manoosh as his very first asset. They are, as Casey puts it, “two geeks in a pod,” and Chuck has no trouble developing a rapport. And I can totally understand the instant nerd connection. Get me started talking about “The X-Files” with a fellow fan and we’ll be BFF before you can say “The Truth is Out There.” Unfortunately for Chuck, as the Ring moves in, Sarah is sent in to the bar where they’re meeting as “a closer.”

And poor Chuck! As she strides in, wearing a “Frak Off” t-shirt, he truly realizes that he started out just like Manoosh with Sarah – just another lonely geek waiting to be used as an asset. But despite multiple memory-erasing tranq-ings and much “secrets turn me on” pillow talk by Sarah, Manoosh won’t tell them the exact nature of his weapon. They let him loose to meet the Ring, and Sarah tells Chuck not to think about the possibility of his being killed – it’s easier if you don’t get attached.

Manoosh, though, IS the weapon. That’s right – he’s re-created the Intersect 2.0 as a pair of sunglasses, and after kicking some Ring ass, he heads to Weap-Con: Casey’s favorite yearly vacation. Umm…is it kinda like this convention? Manoosh is a hit, rocking some Intersect kung fu in a demo and asking for $50 million dollars for the sunglasses. Much capture and escape and capture again ensues between Manoosh, the Ring agents, and our heroes. The highlight was almost certainly Chuck removing a laser cutting pen from Casey’s shirt pocket with his teeth.

Manoosh is devastated to learn that his friendship with Chuck and romance with Sarah weren’t real, and Chuck tries to let him go when he promises not to tell anyone, but ultimately realizes that he can’t, and tranqs him to be shipped off to a secure isolation facility – the fate Chuck was able to escape. As he tells Manoosh, Chuck’s not a friend – he’s a spy. Casey is thrilled that Chuck is spy enough to burn an asset, but Sarah’s not so sure. Aww. It really must be hard to watch the hapless geek you fell in love with become more independent and wise to the ways of the world. I know it’s hard for me – though I do appreciate the character and plot development.

Morgan vs. the Hottie: Hannah is working at the Buy More! And Morgan is in looooove. After getting intel from Lester and Jeff – stalkers extraordinaire – on what she likes (in exchange for Padma Lakshmi and creepy sleepovers, respectively), Morgan transforms himself into a Swan Lake and French cimena-loving sophisticate. He’s shaken, though, when Hannah mentions Chuck’s trip to Paris. And she’s similarly shaken when Morgan explains that Chuck’s frequent trips to the yogurt store are because his ex works there.

Chuck vs. his Secrets: Awesome tries to cover for Chuck when Ellie finds out he went to Paris – emphasis on “tries.” Worst. Liar. Ever. After he freaks out about lying to Ellie, Chuck talks Awesome back into keeping the secret and lies smoothly to his sister about arranging a secret trip to Paris for her and Awesome. Casey is proud (“You taught him well, Walker”), but again, Sarah doesn’t seem as thrilled.

When the tickets arrive, Awesome forbids them to go to Paris, yammering on out about Chuck, and “strings attached.” Morgan and Ellie sensibly conclude that “Chuck is caught in a big giant web of conspiracy and deception,” and resolve to get to the bottom of it. Step one: shift Lester and Jeff’s stalking focus to Chuck.

Odds and Ends:

  • I loved Chuck calling himself the “Jack Hanna of the Buy More.” So true. 
  • Chuck coming on so strongly to Manoosh initially was both hilarious and reassuring – he can’t be an immediate spy success at everything yet!
  • Awesome as a couch potato is hard to believe. Ellie: “It’s like I married Morgan!” SNAP. Doesn’t get much harsher than that, bro.
  • Morgan’s office is adorable.
  • I loved the scene where Casey pulled up the sad nerd’s file, and when Chuck comments that he must be so lonely, Casey – whoops! – realizes it’s Chuck’s old file. And seriously, not totally dissimilar from Manoosh’s.

What do you think about Chuck’s emotional development when it comes to being a spy – are you on Team Casey, or Team Sarah? How do you feel about Hannah’s addition to the Buy Morons?

Posted by:Liz Pardue