chuck vs push mix 320 'Chuck' lives: Season 5 a go at NBCTake heart, “Chuck” fans: Monday’s season finale won’t also be a series finale.

NBC has renewed the series for a fifth season. Reports earlier in the week had the network leaning toward a pickup, but the official word came down Friday (May 13).

“The passion of the ‘Chuck’ fans has been heard again,” co-creator Josh Schwartz tweeted. “We are all truly lucky to have the greatest fan base on TV. Thank you.”

Season 5 will be the last for the show. As things stand now, NBC has ordered 13 episodes — but that’s also been the case the past two seasons, both of which ended up being extended.

Knowing the coming season will be the last is, in our minds, actually a good thing — we’d even go so far as to say that NBC should keep the order at 13 episodes. We’d be inclined that way even if it only meant that fans won’t have to suffer any more angst about a pickup at this time next year, but it also lets Schwartz, co-creator Chris Fedak and the other “Chuck” writers craft a final season that can build to a definite ending.

The show has already made several episodes that could have served as series finales if they needed to, but those episodes all left enough doors open to serve as launchpads for the next season (or, as with “Chuck vs. the Push Mix” this season, the continuation of the current one). Knowing the endpoint can give “Chuck” a chance to go out in the best possible way for its fans.

Thoughts on the pickup? Are you OK with Season 5 being the last?

Posted by:Rick Porter