morgan fairchild chuck 320 'Chuck': Morgan Fairchild returns as Awesome's momYou’ll see more of a soon-to-be grandmother on “Chuck” this season — and we’re not talking about Linda Hamilton.

Series stars Ryan McPartlin and Sarah Lancaster revealed Tuesday (Oct. 5) that Morgan Fairchild will reprise her role as Awesome’s (McPartlin) mom, Honey Woodcomb, later this season. She’ll come into the story as Ellie’s (Lancaster) pregnancy gets closer to term.

“Mom does come back,” McPartlin says. “It’s funny, because Mom and Ellie have to learn how to deal with their new roles that each one is going to play as a mother and a grandmother. So that creates a bit of fun drama.”

“That was a very nice way to put that,” Lancaster interjects. “But the truth is Morgan Fairchild’s character just thinks that Ellie is not good enough for her perfect boy.” Answers McPartlin: “Well who would be in her mind, honestly?”

Fairchild is set to appear in “Chuck’s” Oct. 25 episode, which also features Hamilton and a guest turn by Robert Englund. Next week’s “Chuck” also has a full dose of Awesome and Ellie, as they’re invited to the country of Costa Gravas to be honored by Generalissimo Goya (returning guest star Armand Assante).

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Photo credit: NBC

Posted by:Rick Porter