zachary levi 02 chuck 320 'Chuck' recap: A Gyro With Feta for the Girl They Call GretaSo Agent Frost, a.k.a. Chuck’s confusing mom, has not taken away the Intersect but merely put an emotional “rock” on top of it. After a month of testing — during which Casey’s a full-time Buy More employee slowly going insane — they bring in the big guns: Ex-Navy comedian/total hotness Rob Riggle.

Despite the distracting neckbeard — something even Morgan Grimes has learned to take care of — Riggle still manages to look awesome as hell in a variety of outfits while subjecting Chuck to emotional abuses in Switzerland during a diamond auction-slash-villain convention that quickly turns into a huge mess.

Believing the titular Fear will be the one that pops Chuck’s Intersect brain cherry, Riggle has gotten permission to take him on a mission without the rest of the team to hold his hand. So (besides the unending Ellie abuse) the Mommy arc was leading here the whole time: Without the Intersect, isn’t Chuck just kind of… A guy?

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