chuck season 5 'Chuck' recap: Curses!I cannot handle one more episode that involves Chuck and Sarah and a lack of communication between them. Is this what the rest of the season is going to be like? Them fighting about some stupid thing that they should have discussed prior to getting married and then making up all nice? Great. I’m just so glad that the show came back for this final arduous season. If that wasn’t bad enough, this episode also featured some really egregious product placement and borrowed the plot from a terrible movie a.k.a. Date Night. And it didn’t even have the bonus of Mark Wahlberg’s abs to stare at.

So Casey breaks out of jail and is all bummed that Verbanski had to go into hiding, but decides to just get over it. They’ve got bigger things to deal with, like the fact that Agent Cunnings (Rebecca Romijn) is after the folks at Castle and wants to haul them in for treason and/or murder. The always wonderful Beckman gives them a bit of a heads up via Morse code messaging and they all head out on their separate ways to keep Omen out of the hands of those who want to take all of the databases in the world.

Casey joins Beckman to plan, while Morgan goes back to his apartment to wipe Casey’s computer and to get Chuck’s P.A.N.T.S. (Private Artifacts Never To Share) back. But once Morgan gets to the house, he runs into Alex and she ends up being somewhat charmed by her old beau and the two team up to distract the CIA agents at the house. They aren’t together, but Morgan let’s Alex into his P.A.N.T.S and she sees a picture of them and seems appropriately impressed.

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