zachary levi 02 chuck 320 'Chuck' recap: Desolation. Frostbite. Must be Russia.“Chuck”: When we pick up, we’ve jumped ahead in time far enough for Chuck to fill Morgan in on what Bakula was up to in his secret basement. Chuck and Morgan begin the hunt for Chuck’s mom. It takes them all over the world, and puts them $43,000 in debt, but they finally find her safe house. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of her, and the safe in the room is totally empty. All they find is a menu for a dumpling place called Imperial Dragons.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey are on their latest mission, which leads them back to the new and improved Castle with a secret case that Chuck flashes on. He flashes on the word Volkoff, and notices the Volkoff emblem on the case matches the Imperial Dragons menu. In other words: It’s all connected. The CIA’s also rebuilt the Buy More, and so far General Redhead (who’s in the opening credits, y’all!) seems to be in charge, and everyone’s a spy. It’s like a big, giant CIA base, which could be pretty cool. (But then how will we get Big Mike? And Jeffster!?)

Chuck and Morgan’s mission takes them to Russia to seek out his mom, and Sarah and Casey also conveniently end up there. Sarah and Casey end up captured by Dolph Lundgren, who has not aged well. After some brief sexting with Morgan (you’ll have to wait for the weecap), Sarah gets through to Chuck that they need help. Chuck hasn’t used his kung-fu Intersect in months, but he tries it out on Dolph’s men — and turns out he’s still got it. He rescues his girlfriend and John Casey, and they all head back to his secret basement, where he fills them in. Casey’s a little hurt they were left out of this for all this time, but now they’re in.

And Chuck and Morgan are back in the CIA. However, they’re not going to tell General Redhead quite yet. Chuck does know he has to tell the one person he promised he wouldn’t be a spy: Ellie. When he shows up at the apartment to tell her, though, she shares her news first: Ellie’s pregnant! She hasn’t even told Awesome yet, but we’re guessing that will happen next week, when he’ll hopefully be in the episode.

In the end, Chuck’s mom, who apparently works for Volkoff, finds out from Dolph & Co. that her family is looking for her. She asks if he’s told Volkoff, and since he hasn’t, she takes the opportunity to kung-fu and kill all of the men in the room. When Dolph pleads with her, “I have a family,” her response, “So do I,” followed by a fatal gunshot. Could be we have another Bakula-level guest star in our midst, judging by that episode-ending kick-ass spy-mama moment.

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