chuck bank of evil 320 'Chuck' recap: Flip FloppersThat lit-up room Vivian was staring into at the end of last episode actually turns out to be a safe with a clear plastic card. She grabs it, setting off an alarm that alerts her father’s lawyer. He tries to force her at gunpoint to take over Volkoff Industries, but she stabs him with a letter opener and goes back to Castle. She fills them in, and Chuck flashes on the clear card. It’s to a Bank of Macau account, so they figure it’s all of Volkoff’s money and send her (along with Chuck and Sarah) in to see. She passes the bank’s crazy-high security, but finds only a bunch of pictures of herself. Seeing that her father was watching her whole life makes her want to meet him, which Chuck arranges if she’ll go back in and get some data for the CIA on some stolen servers. The lawyer finds her in the vault while she’s there and tells her the CIA isn’t going to let her see her dad, but he can tell her all about him when she’s ready. Turns out he’s right, because General Redhead reneges on the deal, and Chuck has to break the news to Vivian. She’s devastated and ends up in a car with the lawyer, ready to find out everything about Alexei Volkoff.

While that’s happening, Ellie’s trying to get Sarah to choose flowers, or a cake, or anything. Sarah’s so not into it, though. Until Ellie hits on the idea to find the dress first. Sarah uses the CIA’s makeover machine to find one she loves, and it works: She’s all of a sudden so into the wedding, she’s planning to order a hundred dozen lilies, fly a cake in from Europe, and rent a private island for the ceremony. Ellie apologizes to Chuck for creating a monster that’s going to bankrupt them. And Morgan’s trying to find a place to live, like, yesterday. See, he’s at his mom’s and cannot take the loud, frequent sex she has with Big Mike. Jeffster! offers him the extra room in their apartment-slash-van, but he’s not interested. When he stumbles upon Casey’s secret lair (no Robin Givens in site; apparently, Casey’s taken the thing over), he blackmails Casey into letting him move into his apartment, thus getting all our main cast back into the same apartment complex. Is this a workplace show, or an apartment show? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

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