chuck season 5 'Chuck' recap: I Saw Beckman Kissing Santa ClausThis show would like me to believe that — even given their recent kidnapping adventure — Ellie and Awesome had not planned anything for their daughter’s first Christmas and are now panicking on Christmas Eve trying to get decorations and a picture with Santa. Really? The Woodcombs are the type of people that have their house done up to the nines the day after Thanksgiving and have all of their gifts carefully wrapped and chosen well before Black Friday. But nope, here we’re supposed to think that they’ve both lost their minds and forgotten about the holidays until a mere few hours before. And that in the face of some major virus that might take down all of the computers in the world, Sarah would have time to go shopping for decorations. Let’s forget everything we know about these people in order to make a storyline work, shall we?

If you can put aside that, there were actually some surprisingly decent moments in this episode… most of them involving one Mr. Daniel Shaw, who programmed the Omen virus to take down the lock on his prison cell so that he could escape and exact his revenge on Sarah. He’s still hella pissed about her killing his wife and/or dumping him… but mostly the wife thing, and has decided to string her up in a castle by a cross beam with care, in the hopes that her dopey loving husband soon will be there. His plan involves making her freeze to death in a wife beater, while he uses the Omen to extract information from the CIA so that he can upload the Intersect 3.0 into his brain.

Chuck comes up with a plan to stop him. The first part involves having Morgan harness the power of Jeff and Lester (by bribing them with Subway sandwiches… of course) to figure out exactly what the Omen virus is doing. Next up is sending Casey into Castle to retrieve Sarah, and then using Beckman to crash a CIA Christmas party (with Stan Lee in attendance for half a second) in order to get some device that Shaw wants in exchange for Sarah’s survival. To do this Chuck steals Big Mike’s Santa suit (upsetting Ellie in the process) and flirts with a drunken agent and ends up getting a big smooch from Beckman to keep their cover. Now there’s something I never thought I’d see on this show. Is it too late for me to become General Chuckman shippers?

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