zachary levi 02 chuck 320 'Chuck' recap: Mommy DearestOn “Chuck”: It’s almost Halloween, which means Robert Englund shows up with a toxin that makes people visualize their worst nightmares (sound familiar?). Englund plays the developer of this super-toxin, which he shows to Mrs. Bartowski (aka Frost). She takes it to Chuck and tells him she doesn’t want it in Volkoff’s hands, and that she’s been so far undercover all these years that her records were expunged. Chuck, of course, believes her. Even after she shows up at the mission she sends him on, outs him and shoots him, he believes her again. She hands over Robert Englund and his weapon, and then promises to leave, but he begs her to see Ellie first — and tells her Ellie’s pregnant. Even superspies and/or bad guys can’t resist the allure of grandbabies, apparently, because she sticks around for the meeting. However, just as she shows up to see Chuck and a very excited Ellie — who’s spent the whole episode with Awesome’s mom, Mrs. Awesome (Morgan Fairchild, whose name is actually Honey) — Sarah snatches her and tells Chuck she’s protecting him from his blind spot. See, Casey went to one of his shady sources and found out everything about Mrs. Bartowski’s story was a fake, and she’s actually deep within Volkoff.

Halloween on “Chuck” also means Jeffster! makes the oddest haunted house in the history of the world. It’s like something from “A Clockwork Orange but somehow scarier in its banal innocence. When their level of crazy can’t put together a decent haunted house, Lester enlists the craziest thing he can think of: the depths of Jeff’s brain. They come up with the Aisle of Terror of the episode’s title, which is a tent with TV monitors all over it on which Jeffster! display the scariest things in the world — things that even put fear in the heart of a lunatic. Things like public showers, old people, and babies in costumes. Skeptics should know that the Aisle of Terror is eventually used in the episode to take down Freddy Krueger, so it’s obviously at least as effective as Foot Roasting, where torture is concerned. We’d expect no less from Jeffster!

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