chuck sarah dark hair 'Chuck' recap: Once You Go Black, You Never Go BackWe open with a black-haired Sarah knocking Casey out, then return to two days earlier, when we learn via intelligence reports that Sarah has been perpetrating evil deeds all over Europe, and Volkoff is apparently starting to notice. Also, the CIA has set up some sort of tonal language code signals so Sarah and Chuck can stay in contact. Morgan is worried that Chuck will get all emo with Sarah gone, which of course is the setup for Chuck to appear impossibly happy because he believes that Sarah will always stay the same person, which is of course the setup for…well, we’ll get to that.

Sarah explains to Volkoff that she betrayed the CIA to, ironically, move toward building a future with Chuck; Volkoff of course doesn’t trust this statement, but buys what she’s selling after she gets into position to kill him and then declines. Mary, as you might imagine, acts like a tougher sell, and she comes up with the idea to send Sarah to break one of their operatives, “The Gobbler,” out of prison.

When Mary and Sarah meet away from prying eyes, though, Sarah confesses her true mission, at which point Mary informs her the Gobbler has something to do with “Hydra,” Volkoff’s entire informational infrastructure — but she also warns Sarah she may face hard, character-changing choices ahead.

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