chuck 0329 320 'Chuck' recap: ParenthoodThere’s a lot going on this week, and every storyline seems to have to do with parents and children. First off, Ellie’s still working on her dad’s computer and her mom — who’s babysitting Clara — isn’t having it. She keeps trying to steal pieces of data from the computer, but Ellie sets up a camera on her and then follows her. Mrs. Bartowski tells General Redhead what she’s doing, but General Redhead says folks a lot higher up than her want Ellie to keep working. So Mary tells Chuck that he better tell Ellie he’s the Intersect before she finds out on her own.

Chuck’s got his own messes to deal with, though, since Sarah’s presented him with a pre-nup (something to do with her own crazy father; she’s got money socked away in case he’s ever arrested again). After a consult with not-so-odd couple Casey and Morgan, Chuck plays it cool — totally stressing Sarah out. In the end, she tears up the pre-nup and he presents her with an adorable one about never considering the word divorce. They sign it. While they’re being the cute engaged couple, though, they’re also trying to keep Vivian from being a CIA kill target after the bomb parts by Volkoff Industries were found in Castle. So they set up a meet, which is blown by secret snipers, so Vivian thinks Chuck’s betrayed her again. She’s already presented them with a weapon, though, so they pay a visit to her dear old dad, Alexei Volkoff, in prison. He makes a deal to help them get the other two parts to this DNA weapon, the Norseman, which can wipe out an entire family with just a sample of DNA (don’t even get me started on what a scary prospect this is for Mary, Chuck, Ellie, and baby Clara) if they’ll let him see Vivian. General Redhead cuts the deal, so Alexei, Chuck, Casey and Sarah head off all over the world to get the other two parts. When they get the rare chemical needed for the weapon, though, Vivian shows up with some henchmen, which Alexei’s thrilled about. Until she explains the real twist: She’s going to kill them all with grenades. After some soul-searching, Volkoff manages to shut them off and save Team Bartowski. But Vivian’s made off with the chemical and sets her people to work to kill this Agent X who’s all over Orion’s computer and Ellie’s searching. Volkoff apologizes to Mary for never deserving her, then goes back to jail.

Casey, meanwhile, finds out Alex is having a graduation party that she can’t invite him to because her mom doesn’t know he’s alive. Instead, she’s told her mom she’s meeting friends after graduation and wants to meet him. He tells her not to lie to her mom, but she wants him to be part of the graduation, so she decides it’s time: She’ll tell her mom he’s alive.

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