zachary levi 02 chuck 320 'Chuck' recap: Project Runway For SpiesChuck’s fully back in the CIA on this week’s “Chuck” — so much so that he and Sarah go to Milan a couple times, leaving Casey behind (apparently because of an incident with a stiletto heel, Casey’s not allowed anywhere near Milan’s Fashion Week). The mission is get “smart bullets” (which contain GPS) from one of Volkoff’s spies, whose cover is as a Russian model. In other words: She’s hot. And Chuck can’t help but notice, so a tiny bit of jealousy ensues on Sarah’s part. This in addition to Chuck feeling all crazy that Sarah won’t unpack her suitcase despite living with him for eight months makes for a bickery episodes for our adorable spy couple (and, is it just me, or have they both gotten cuter?).

They go to Milan once and capture decoy bullets, so head back a second time to get the model’s sequin dress (where the real weapons’ chips are in disguise). After a knockdown, drag-out fight on the Fashion Week runway, Sarah emerges victorious over the model, who’s arrested to much fanfare from General Redhead. Chuck and Sarah return home and she finally unpacks. Then he actually might ruin the relationship by suggesting marriage and kids. The end.

Elsewhere, Awesome shows up at the Buy More and tells Morgan it seems too perfect to be the Buy More, and is Chuck a spy again? He believes the lies that he’s not, but doesn’t think Ellie will buy it. Morgan knows Awesome’s onto something, so tells General Redhead her store is too perfect to serve as an effective cover. She tasks him with fixing things, and he runs out and hires Jeffster! (on the lam since the Buy More fire) and the rest of the old Buy Morians back. They arrive just in time for Ellie to show up at the store and see that nothing’s changed at all.

So General Redhead makes Morgan store manager. No more, Mister Ass man for Mr. Grimes. (We’re just curious how Big Mike’s going to come into play, since he wasn’t in this episode.) Back at their apartment, Ellie and Awesome deal with the pregnancy in their own ways: him by freaking out and wanting to take care of her, and her by looking through an album of photos of her mom and dad with them as babies. We’re guessing the reunion with their kick-ass spy mom won’t be quite so cuddly.

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