chuck greatest american her 'Chuck' recap: Solve For Agent XIt’s time for Chuck and Sarah’s respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, which means a couple of things: wacky, Three’s Company-style misunderstandings. (Check.) And some big government mess is going to get in the way. (Check.)

As Awesome plans the big Vegas bachelor weekend for Chuck, Morgan, Big Mike, Casey and Jeffster!, Ellie’s spending lots of time with her dad’s computer, getting closer and closer to Agent X. Vivian’s cronies are also getting close to finding what they’re looking for, though, and that’s Orion’s computer so they can track down Agent X themselves. They find some weird device that leads them right to the computer during the bachelorette party. But moments before they show up at Ellie’s, we realize Ellie and Awesome have accidentally switched bags. So they show up at the bachelor party in Vecas. Yes, I said Vecas. As in Las Vecas, the camp site where Awesome took the gang (they only thought he was saying Vegas). Casey’s stealth training in face painting and spear making serves him well as he takes out all of Vivian’s mercenaries and saves Jeff, Chuck and the computer (though the computer does take a knife, Chuck obviously fixes it later). After the guys return from the party, Chuck and Ellie finally come clean with each other. He tells her he’s the Intersect, which makes him Agent X, duh. Ellie tells him he’s wrong about that, since his father wrote about Agent X before Chuck was even born.

So, they get the computer working again (Chuck’s Nerd Herder skills pay off again), and realize they’re being led to an old house in England. They leave Ellie behind because she’s a mommy and head to England, where they find a little old British lady living in the house. She serves them tea, and acts all sweet and pleasant, but when Vivian’s men show up, she pulls out her collection of grenades and automatic weapons and blows the whole place apart. Turns out this Agent X fellow, Hartley Winterbottom, is her son. She tells them that the CIA turned him into a machine and then turned its back on him. Chuck assures her that his father didn’t, and she immediately knows whose son he is, since Bakula and her son were friends. Sarah and Chuck find Agent X’s spy will and take it back to Castle to open it with Ellie. When they open it up, they find information about Hartley Winterbottom, including a photo of a much younger Alexei Volkoff. They all discuss what to do with the news that the CIA created this evil mastermind, when Casey pulls up some information on a computer that confirms this. Then he brings them a room and unplugs anything the CIA could be listening in on. He tells them they have to pretend they didn’t see this. When Ellie protests their dad wanted them to find this, Casey tells her how it will play out if they don’t let it go. Some very important people covered this up, and they’ll send someone like Casey to kill them all, which isn’t what Bakula would have wanted. They all agree to let it go. Back at the apartments later, though, Ellie tells Chuck this isn’t over for them. She says it’s not for the CIA to solve; it’s for them, the Bartowskis. Dramatic music plays as Casey puts Agent X’s spy will away in the secret room he and Robin Givens built at Castle. Something tells me we haven’t seen the end of that spy will. Or of Alexei Volkoff.

Oh, and also? Casey (not Jack Bauer) just might have been the guy who killed Osama bin Laden.

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