chuck season 5 'Chuck' recap: Taste the RainbowIn the most infuriating development on this show to date (and that is saying a lot), they decided to stick the Intersect into Sarah’s brain. At this point, the Intersect is less of a unique weapon that can only be handled by someone with Chuck’s intelligence and brain capacity and more of a bong that’s been passed around to everyone who showed up at this party. But before we get to that, there were even more ridiculous happenings. No wonder my DVR at home only recorded two minutes of this episode. Even technology can’t deal with the stupidity of this show. And yet my DVR can handle Mob Wives and The Bachelor.

Somehow, the most tolerable plotline involved Jeff and Lester. Yeah, you read that right. After the two discovered Castle, Morgan and Casey took them to the desert, put them in a crashed car, gas them and make it look like a Hangover night gone wrong. But Jeff (yes, Jeff) is too smart for this and realizes that they were on to something. Still, after following Chuck and Sarah and writing clues on Jeff’s arm Memento-style, they end up in the same car not once, but twice more. Eventually being so gassed and easily duped by a few marks with a sharpie, they give up on the whole spy theory and go to Vegas to eat Subway sandwiches with Big Mike. I was going to take off points for the annoying Subway product placement, but then again, this subplot did include the fantastic Band song “The Weight,” so it evened out in the wash.

Meanwhile, Sarah has decided that she’d like to stop being a spy so she and Chuck can start a family. And she’d like to turn Carmichael Industries into a company focused on countering cyber terrorism, so they won’t get shot at so much. Casey’s reluctant, but he’s ultimately okay with it if it means ditching the Buy More cover. Can’t blame him: after being able to sport a cashmere sweater, going back to those awful green cotton shirts must be terrible.

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