chuck 0329 320 'Chuck' recap: "That Poor Bastard, Bartowski"While Casey’s busy working on this secret mission inside a big, gaping “secret” hallway in Castle and torturing Morgan into being able to withstand torture, Chuck and Sarah are bored out of their minds, playing Operation in Castle because of the lack of missions. They realize that Casey hasn’t been around and work on figuring it out. They find his hallway, but can’t get into the big metal door. So they turn to Morgan, who avoids Chuck and plays dumb until Sarah sneaks in and tranqs him. They then scour the apartment for a handprint — which is on Casey’s portrait of Reagan, obviously. They use that to break into his new secret room, where they figure out what’s been going on: He’s working with a couple of the Gretas — Isaiah Mustafa and Stacy Keibler, to be precise. Chuck still thinks he has one up on them, because of his Intersect.

Then Sarah finds Chuck’s dad’s laptop in the secret room and they realize they’re running a new Intersect project. And now the Gretas are Intersects. Robin Givens says they don’t have the flaws of the Chuck model, though, because they don’t have any problem shooting people, and they don’t bother with those pesky emotions. Chuck and Sarah are relegated to being the B Team. Until Casey’s conscience gets the better of him, and he invites Chuck and Sarah on a mission, where their hesitation to shoot and emotion ends up looking like the best thing in the world. Stacy Greta shoots a guy who’s heart is what’s keeping a bomb from going off, and Chuck uses more than his Intersect brain to defuse a bomb. In the end, the Gretas are un-Intersected, and thankful.

In the meantime, Ellie’s going stir crazy stuck at home with baby Clara, so she’d like her dad’s laptop back, please. Awesome pretends he took it to the Buy More, so she spends the episode getting Jeffster! to track it down for her (because she makes them think there are racy videos of her and Awesome on it). They don’t, but after the Intersect project is declared a failure, Robin Givens tells Casey she needs someone who thinks like a Bartowski to continue this project. Casey returns home and tells Morgan there are no more secrets from Chuck; they’re all on the same team now. And then Robin Givens shows up at Ellie’s and gives her the laptop, pretending Jeffster! gave it to her by mistake. Ellie loses the whole day on it, and Awesome’s not even a little bit pleased to see that when he gets home. Which is the cliffhanger we’re left on. Will Ellie be the new Intersect? Also, where’s Linda Hamilton?

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