zachary levi 02 chuck 320 'Chuck' recap: The Next GenerationWe start out this episode of “Chuck” — after some murders of Volkoff agents by another Volkoffian named Boris — on Valentine’s Day (a week late), with Chuck and Morgan splitting up the living room time and bedroom time so as not to catch each other in the Valentine’s Day act. Unfortunately, though, chocolate strawberries and then a mission lure everyone to the living room, where we all witness the weird foreplay of Alex and Morgan (it involves a bearskin rug, chocolate sauce and blindfolds).

The mission Team Bartowksi’s been called for is to go to a party to find the only living Volkoff associate, Vivian, who’s being tracked by this Boris character. They find her, and then discover she’s Volkoff’s daughter, but knows very little about his operations or even the man. They take her to Castle to keep her safe, then she talks Chuck into not putting her into a safehouse and instead helping her go back and capture Boris. The gang all heads back to take on this mission, but they won’t use Vivian as bait; instead, Sarah dons a red wig and plays the part. She’s quickly bucked off the horse she rides in on, and Casey has to rescue her by shooting all of Boris’s men. When Boris meets Vivian back at the stables, she shoots him with a gun hidden on her horse (our first indication she might be more of a Volkoff than she seems). Then she heads to his office in Moscow and uses her childhood necklace to open a secret lair that lights up on her face. An Intersect, maybe? We’ll have to wait to see what was inside, but I’m guessing it has something to do with turning her into the next Chuck.

Meanwhile, Morgan faces a crisis after Casey lectures him about living with Charah (Casey’s word, not mine) like he’s their child. Morgan realizes his collectibles are actually toys, and moves back in with his mom. There’s a lot of silly cuteness between Chuck and Morgan about their Han Solo and Chewie toys, which they end up giving to Clara so they don’t have to be separated (plus, she hasn’t been sleeping well, until her mom and dad bring in a taped version of Jeffster! singing — torture to Ellie and Awesome, of course, who also can’t sleep). Robin Givens offers Casey a job working for an operation called the NCS, which has built a new portal (containing a mission) inside Castle. He’s mulling it when the episode ends.

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