zachary levi 02 chuck 320 'Chuck' recap: There's A Ring To ItOn “Chuck,” Chuck and Sarah move on from his comment about having kids straight into awkward silences. Sarah sulks and Chuck thinks they’re stable and perfect. But then the spy mission to Monaco that Chuck was so looking forward to gets canceled because a prison transport breaks down and they need to use the Spy More to hold the prisoner… who turns out to be Nicole Richie. Chuck flashes on a connection between her and Volkoff and Frost (his mom’s spy code name or something, if you’re just catching up), so Chuck and Sarah interrogate her. She will only speak in exchange for witness protection, which they’re not offering up.

While they try to get her to talk, though, Stone Cold Steve Austin gets himself out of his spy cage in the new supersized Castle. And he spends the rest of the episode torturing them and fighting them (conveniently, he’s with Volkoff, too). In the end, Nicole Richie even helps a little bit (as does the gang at the Buy More, but we’ll get to that), and they manage to get him arrested again.

At the Buy More, Morgan’s anticipating the release of some new videogame, so there are all sorts of folks in military and spy regalia packed into the store for the countdown. Unfortunately, the game never comes, so Jeffster! tries slam poetry and other tactics to entertain them, but finally admits there’s no game. A full-out riot ensues, but Big Mike’s thankfully back to work, and he helps Morgan get everyone to stand down. Right after his inspirational speech (or is it slam poetry? Huh?), Stone Cold walks in and Big Mike thinks he’s being disruptive, so he takes him out, helping out the CIA without even knowing it. Morgan makes him his assistant manager and gives him permission to marry Morgan’s mom.

In the chaos of the episode, Morgan loses Big Mike’s engagement ring for Morgan’s mom, and at the end, it falls down a vent. As Chuck and Sarah finally talk about taking it slow, the ring makes its way down the heating vent and lands at Chuck’s feet. Just in time for him to lean down onto one knee and pick it up. They both freak out a little bit, but — testing the waters or something else — no one says anything about it being a total accident. So we have ourselves a little bit of a cliffhanger.

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