zachary levi 02 chuck 320 'Chuck' recap: Turkeys and ConfessingAlexei sends Agent Frost’s best guys after Charles Carmichael, but she follows in secret and takes the bad-guy team out. Putting her into custody at Castle for awhile doesn’t really prove very instructive, but once Alexei shows up — thanks to a horny Jeffster mishap — a few things become startlingly clear: Number one, he’s crazy in love with her. Number two, she’s willing to confess Chuck’s true identity to save him… And then somehow they all get invited to the Awesomes’ for Thanksgiving. It’s dumb, but so fun — and so weighted on our side of the Awesome/Jeffster divide — that the insanity never lets up long enough to notice.

Meanwhile, Casey and Morgan — all Die Hard adorable in his altogether — get kidnapped trying to relax Alexei’s hold on the Buy More and save Jeffster, whose stupid scheme this week involved selling stolen Black Friday merch on eBay. Regrettably, everybody lives. On the upside, Alexei’s team is pretty sweet to watch and Morgan gets a lot of screentime.

Back at home, with Ellie thinking it’s a non-spy situation and Awesome conscripted to lie about it, Sarah and Chuck have to deal with a suddenly family-friendly Alexei and an increasingly wilted-looking Agent Frost. Awesome gets Ellie out of there, and a quick standoff later Frost has told Alexei in no uncertain terms that she’ll only return with him to the life of villainry if he promises to stay away from all of Chuck and Ellie’s people. Because of love or something, Alexei does; because of love or something, Chuck finally trusts his mommy.

…Which is good news for our little emasculation storyline: The eagle-eyed forum posters who surmised that the Awesomes’ laptopicon would help neurologist Ellie figure out her brother’s Intersect problems are proven right. Downside, Awesome is pretty offended when Chuck’s spy games once again affect his marriage and Ellie’s safety. On the upside, Chuck is once again fully Intersected and ready to do whatever happens now… But without all that weird boy/girl stuff this story was created to solve. Now we just settle in with our Kleenex and wait for the big proposal, I suppose…

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