chuck 0329 320 'Chuck' recap: 'What's the Worst that Could Happen?'Chuck heads up the task to find a new Intersect by creating a profile of himself and trying to find similar recruits. Four prospects come to Castle, and when the first choice (the most Chuck-like) ends up murdered, a game of Clue ensues. Recruit Damian tries to escape and ends up getting bombed, then Chuck, Sarah, and Casey interrogate everyone. After the interrogations, there’s a bomb left in the chair, which hits Damian again. With bomb expert (and fake-English-accented) Lewis gone missing, they figure it must be him. So now they trust everyone else to carry a gun. When Chuck and Robin Givens find Lewis DEAD, they realize they were wrong. Robin Givens and Recruit Jody suspect one another, but Chuck figures it out: It was Damian, who bombed himself only to make himself seem less suspicious, then he killed Lewis thinking he’d take the fall. Damian gets up and admits it, then sets off another bomb. Robin Givens takes it to the bomb-proof Intersect room and locks herself in with it, but Chuck saves her by being a nerd (really; he uses his pocket protector). Jody leaves (I guess), Robin Givens goes back to Washington, and Team Bartowski (Chuck, Sarah, Casey) are back in full force by the end. All is right with the world, and sort of reset.

Except for the fact that Ellie’s still working on her dad’s computer, and getting close to figuring stuff out. She already realizes he was trying to put something in someone’s brain without learning it. And Awesome tells Chuck he switched out the hard drive, but didn’t, and then tells Ellie they’re not telling Chuck, right? She agrees, not wanting to worry him. Like brother, like sister, like father, like mother, right? What a bunch of lying secret-keepers. As the episode ends, the computer pops on in front of her while she’s sleeping, scans her face, identifies her and opens up some sort of “Agent X” profile. Is Ellie about to become the next Intersect?

In less important but still fun plotlines, Morgan & Co. are in a battle with Large Mart after Jeffster! stole their pig mascot, Kevin Bacon. In retaliation, Large Mart stole Buy More’s mascot, Big Mike, wearing a giant BM sign. There are many BM jokes throughout, and a couple nice Subway plugs (Big Mike gets to eat breakfast flat breads while he’s a Large Mart hostage), and then Big Mike’s returned safely — even though the Buy More crew still has Kevin Bacon. Which might explain why they burn the giant BM suit right in front of the Buy More — making for even more nice BM jokes.

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