Today’s cuppa: English afternoon tea

An abbreviated version of this profile appeared online, but my Cuppers deserve the full Monty … or the full Awesome, as the case may be.

Ryan_McPartlin_Chuck.jpgWhen you play a character named “Captain
Awesome” – and your chair and script pages also say “Awesome” – that could be a
little intimidating for an actor.

But it’s all in a day’s work for “Chuck”
star Ryan McPartlin, a former Abercrombie & Fitch model and varsity linebacker
for the Fighting Illini (and certified personal trainer).

“I gotta be honest,” says McPartlin,
who can be seen on the hourlong action comedy-drama Mondays on NBC, “the whole
first season, I was like, ‘What’s my name again? I forget.’ Just Captain
Awesome is what I went by.”

For the record, Awesome’s real name
is Devon Woodcomb. He’s a cardiologist married to
another doctor, Ellie (Sarah
Lancaster), sister of Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), a big-box electronics
store employee who became a spy after a top-secret computer was downloaded into
his brain.

Chuck gave Devon his nickname
because he’s confident, easygoing and “awesome” at everything he does (and Devon also uses the word a lot). As of season two, he
became aware
of Chuck’s spy alter ego; now, in season four, he’s also an
expectant father.

Even in season one, where no one was
sure whether Devon knew people called him

McPartlin says, “I just played it
like I knew I was Captain Awesome. I took ownership of the name, and I took
pride in it. We’ve slowly worked it through the first season, so that people

would call me it to my face, and it never fazed me. I obviously took pride in
the name.

“To be honest, it’s a great name,
the best character you could hope for.”

In his real life, McPartlin is a
husband and father of two who is “about to get a minivan.”
Thumbnail image for Ryan_McPartlin_Sarah_Lancaster_Chuck.jpg

As to whether he also mows his own lawn,
McPartlin says, “I don’t have a lawn. I have a lot of concrete. This is the glamorous
lifestyle that I live.”

Birthplace: Chicago, on July 3, making him a Cancer

School cred: Graduate of University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign

TV cred: “The Nanny,” “Three Sisters,” “According
to Jim,” “Still Standing,” “North Shore,” “Passions,” “What I Like About You,” “Pepper
Dennis,” “CSI: NY,” “Notes From the Underbelly,” “Living With Fran,” “Swingtown,”
“Mad Men”

Music video cred: In 2010, he appeared in Sugarland’s
music video “Stuck Like Glue,” playing a man stalked and abducted by lead
singer Jennifer Nettles.

Nearly superhero cred: McPartlin auditioned for the role
of Clark Kent/Superman in “Superman Returns” but lost out to Brandon Routh, who
later guest-starred on “Chuck.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare