chuck sarah lancaster ryan mcpartlin 320 'Chuck': Ryan McPartlin on Baby Awesome's birth and babysitter preferences“Chuck” will ring in the New Year with a birth. Ryan McPartlin, who plays Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb, says he’ll officially be a TV dad with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) in late January.

“We’re leading up to the baby being born and that’s about where we finished shooting was the birth of the baby,” McPartlin tells Zap2it. “I think that was originally going to be the end of the show [at the 13th episode], but thank God we just keep coming back. I think they actually timed the birth out though and they said it’s close to the timing with the initial pregnancy announcement.”

Ten of the 13 episodes originally ordered for the season have aired so far, but NBC recently announced that it was ordering a back 11 episodes.

“Fans like people naming themselves after us give us publicity,” says the actor, referring to the man who legally changed his name to Captain Awesome. “What better way to get publicity? Who knows? Next Jeffster will be a hit band that’ll be out there. So here we are again with a lot more episodes, a lot more ground to cover.”

When last we saw Devon in “Chuck vs. the Leftovers,” he had given Chuck (Zachary Levi) the laptop from his dad’s car, thereby re-establishing the Intersect, but also gave him a warning that he didn’t want Chuck’s spy world to touch his growing family.

“At this point, now Devon is going in an interesting way,” observes McPartlin. “I think he’s starting to accept the fact that Chuck’s a spy but at the same time he’s drawing his boundaries.”

This protectiveness is in keeping with his impending fatherhood.

chuck ryan mcpartlin doctor 250x350 'Chuck': Ryan McPartlin on Baby Awesome's birth and babysitter preferences“I think that in his mind he’ll be the best father in the world,” says McPartlin. “There’ll definitely be overkill of how awesome he’s doing and how awesome he wants everyone else to be or the caretaker of the baby needs to be.

“I have two children of my own and there are certain rules and requirements whenever my parents or my wife’s parents are taking care of my children,” he continues. “I don’t know if I’m that Type A, but when it comes to my children, I’m very paranoid and I want them to be on a tight schedule. I want them to have the best possible environment for them. Everyone kind of gets a kick out of it. They’re always saying, ‘You’re merging into your character.'”

So it’s no surprise that he wouldn’t trust just any character from “Chuck” to look after his kids. Let’s just say Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez) wouldn’t be on his babysitter short list.

“It’s a tossup between John Casey [Adam Baldwin] and Sarah Walker [Yvonne Strahovski],” McPartlin says. “Because I know they take orders very well and they’d be able to protect the children and do everything to the best that I tell them to do, exactly how I’d tell them to do it. But maybe I’d lean towards Sarah Walker because she’s got more of a heart than John Casey.”

Having already shot the birth episode, the actor knows what Baby Awesome’s name will be.

“But I can’t divulge it,” he says. “I’m sure the baby will have a cool nickname. We haven’t gotten to that. There’s still plenty of room to discuss what the baby’s nickname will be.”

“Chuck,” Captain Awesome and gestating Baby Awesome will return to NBC on Monday, Jan. 17.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen