ray wise gi 320 'Chuck' scoop: Ray Wise retained as Volkoff's lawyer“Chuck” is about to do battle with the devil himself.

Ray Wise, who played Satan on The CW’s “Reaper,” will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the NBC show, co-creator Chris Fedak tells Zap2it. “He plays Volkoff’s [Timothy Dalton] lawyer, and he’s just wonderful,” Fedak says.

And yes, you can infer from that that Dalton will be returning to “Chuck” in the coming weeks. Fedak says that both Dalton and Linda Hamilton will appear in “multiple episodes” between now and the end of the season. Hamilton next appears in Monday’s (Feb. 7) episode, Fedak says, and the show is currently working out a schedule with Dalton.

Wise will make his appearance in the season’s 16th episode, “Chuck vs. the Masquerade,” which will also feature the debuts of fellow guests Lauren Cohan (“Supernatural”) and Robin Givens. Fedak describes Cohan’s character as a young woman who is “dragged into the spy world” — sort of how Chuck (Zachary Levi) himself was at the beginning of the series. Givens (“House of Payne,” “Nikita”) is playing a National Security Council official whose work coincides with that of Team Chuck and who takes an interest in Casey (Adam Baldwin).

Prior to “Reaper,” Wise was probably best known for playing Leland Palmer on “Twin Peaks” and Vice President Hal Gardner on Season 5 of “24.” His other recent credits include guest spots on “Psych,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “Dollhouse.”

Stay tuned later this week for more from Fedak and “Chuck” co-creator Josh Schwartz.

Posted by:Rick Porter