NBC has released a poster for the new season of “Chuck,” and it’s a knockout.

The poster carries the “No More Mr. Nice Spy” tagline and features Chuck (Zachary Levi) in full butt-kicking mode, delivering a kick to the chin of a bad guy while looking suave in a tuxedo. Take a look:

chuck poster 400wi 'Chuck': Season 3 poster will kick you in the teeth

As a piece of art, the official season 3 poster doesn’t set my fanboy heart aflutter quite as much as the special Comic-Con posters the show made for fans in San Diego. But it makes its point pretty well (and having Yvonne Strahovski pulling a weapon out of her garter certainly doesn’t hurt).

My favorite note in the poster? The fact that Chuck is still wearing his Nerd Herd-issue Converse high-tops, which is both a nice visual joke and a hint that Chuck still has to balance his spy life and his Buy More life.

“Chuck,” as the poster says, returns Sunday, Jan. 10.

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Photo credit: NBC

Posted by:Rick Porter