one tree hill bubble keep 'Chuck,' 'The Chicago Code,' 'One Tree Hill': Bubble shows you want to stick aroundThe results are in, and if you have your way, the Intersect project, the Buy More and a couple of epic bromances will live to see another year.

“Chuck” is the runaway leader in Zap2it‘s 2011 Bubble Watch voting, with close to 80 percent of the 6,900-plus people who voted in the show’s poll saying it should stick around for the 2011-12 season. Its numbers — 79.8 percent voting to keep it, 20.2 voting to kill it — are almost identical with the 79-21 margin voters gave it last year.

Among the 10 other shows you voted to keep, only FOX’s first-year drama “The Chicago Code” got more than 61 percent of the vote, coming in with 64.6 percent in favor of Season 2. Another FOX show, “Human Target,” was right at 60 percent, while “Lie to Me” and “One Tree Hill” were right behind that.

“One Tree Hill,” incidentally, also got the highest number of total votes with 8,287. Early polling was running against the show, but “OTH” fans rallied to its defense by the time the polls closed.

Here’s the full list of keeper shows, as voted by Zap2it readers; we’ll publish the tallies for the series you want banished from the airwaves on Friday (April 22).

Rending of garments, tearing of hair if it gets canceled

“Chuck”: 6,932 votes. Keep: 5,528 (79.8 percent). Kill: 1,404 (20.2 percent)

Really hope it comes back next season

“The Chicago Code”: 6,274 votes. Keep: 4,055 (64.6 percent). Kill: 2,219 (35.4 percent).

“Human Target”: 6,087 votes. Keep: 3,653 (60 percent). Kill: 2,434 (40 percent).

“Lie to Me”: 6,132 votes. Keep: 3,696 (59.9 percent). Kill: 2,477 (40.1 percent).

“One Tree Hill”: 8,287 votes. Keep: 4,894 (59.1 percent). Kill: 3,393 (40.9 percent)

“Parenthood”: 5,711 votes. Keep: 3,331 (58.3 percent). Kill: 2,380 (41.7 percent)

Sure, that’d be nice …

“Nikita”: 7,179 votes. Keep: 3,944 (54.9 percent). Kill: 3,235 (45.1 percent)

“V”: 6,758 votes. Keep: 3,675 (54.4 percent). Kill: 3,083 (45.6 percent).

“CSI: NY”: 4,515 votes. Keep: 2,350 (52 percent). Kill: 2,165 (48 percent).

“Brothers & Sisters”: 6,683 votes. Keep: 3,420 (51.2 percent). Kill: 3,263 (48.8 percent).

“Detroit 1-8-7”: 6,148 votes. Keep: 3,128 (50.9 percent). Kill: 3,020 (49.1 percent).

Posted by:Rick Porter