chuck vs the tooth 320 'Chuck': The tooth, and nothing but the toothI feel like a broken record, but “Chuck” continues to surprise and excite, heading into the home stretch at a full gallop. Just when you thought the Intersect couldn’t get more intrusive than being capable of taking over Chuck’s waking thoughts and actions, it takes over his dreams, too!

Chuck vs. his dreams: After sharing an adorably domestic scene with Sarah, Chuck dreams that Sarah says she loves him (which she doesn’t tend to do in real life), followed by Gen. Beckman playing the cymbals and Shaw delivering “Zamibian” food, all to the soundtrack of “Ode to Joy.” Obviously, this dream means that the Ring is going to kill the president of “Zamibia” [did they start with “Zambia” and then think better of it?] at a Beethoven concert. And probably that Beckman harbors a secret desire to be a percussionist. I can see it.

Despite what George Clooney might have you believe, psychic dream revelations are apparently not treated with respect by the CIA, and so Chuck is assigned to therapy. A relatively subdued Christopher Lloyd plays Dr. Dreyfus, the CIA therapist, who suggests the Intersect is driving Chuck insane and removes him from field duty. Wow, without even checking to see if Chuck might have somehow been right? 

Since Chuck is hiding his diagnosis from Sarah, he enlists Morgan to join him at the symphony, where another dream points Chuck toward the supposed assassin, a Zamibian scientist named Dr. Kowambe. So … I guess nodding off at a concert isn’t always a bad thing? Sarah shows up just in time to help Chuck get into the president’s box, but a frisk for weapons turns up nothing. As they’re being yelled at by the president, Chuck flashes on one of Dr. Kowambe’s teeth, which has Ring intel in it. He punches the tooth out of the most respected scientist in Zamibia’s mouth, landing himself in the psych ward.

Okay, not to pick holes in the plot, but while I get Beckman not trusting Chuck’s dreams, he straight-up flashed on that tooth. Is the Intersect not trustworthy even when he’s awake now? At any rate, Dr. Dreyfus believes the Intersect is overwhelming Chuck’s brain. Chuck doesn’t make a great case for himself by coughing up the tooth, crazily insisting that Sarah analyze it. The tests find nothing, but it was pretty obvious that Chuck’s punching aim could’ve been a little off, right?

Dr. Kowambe breaks into the psych ward and nabs Chuck, confirming that he was right about the data but wrong about which tooth, and threatening him with death unless Chuck gives up his source. Chuck is able to escape after being semi-incapacitated by a truth serum-type thing, and flashes when they try to recapture him. This promising start is followed by the most enthusiastic, least accurate martial arts I’ve ever seen. Seriously, he’s all over the place. It’s hilarious. His fellow psych patients even more hilariously try and pitch in to help before all being shot with tranq darts.

Sarah, in the meantime, visits Dr. Dreyfus, insisting that Chuck is incredibly special and that he needs to be OK, because she loves him. And if you thought that was sweet, you probably just about passed out from “awww”ing when Dr. Dreyfus tells Sarah she’s not the only one, stepping aside to reveal Casey! They’re able to save Chuck, and Sarah assures him that she’ll always come back for him. That’s good, because “not leaving me in a psych ward to rot” is probably a desirable quality in a girlfriend.

Beckman confirms that Chuck was right — Dr. Kowambe was into some evil stuff, and was in L.A. to sell his research to the Ring. Now that Chuck’s vindicated, Dr. Dreyfus clears him for duty, but not before warning him that the dreams are proof of the stress the Intersect puts on his brain, which could intensify and lead to serious mental deterioration: “Time will tell.” He suggests Chuck discuss it with Sarah, but she starts talking about how much she loves him and looks forward to their future together before he can get a word in. Still not OK to lie to her again and claim a clean bill of mental health, dude. Just ignoring the romantic relationship, isn’t potential mental deterioration something that your CIA partner should be aware of from a safety standpoint?

That night, Chuck dreams that Shaw is still alive. Aaaaahhh!!! Man, I hope not. And again, he doesn’t tell Sarah. UNCOOL. Especially now that you know the dreams mean something. Way to build your relationship on a foundation of lies and omissions, man. Love ya, but yeesh.

Ellie vs. the spy: Justin tracks Ellie down in Burbank, telling her he works for the CIA and Casey is after her father, giving her a vague explanation of why that might be the case. He insists she keep it a secret, since Chuck and Awesome would think she was crazy anyway. After spotting guns at Casey’s place, she tries to at least tell Awesome that Casey’s a bad guy, but not wanting her to catch on to the truth, he pretty much just plays it off as her being crazy. And so she agrees to Justin’s request that she contact her father so they can protect him. 

Well, I guess this episode has taught us that honesty is the best policy in a relationship, and that you should give your partner the benefit of the doubt if they seem a little crazy. “The More You Knoooow!”

Morgan vs. Anna: Anna’s back from Hawaii for a few days, and she’s looking pretty hot. Morgan has to blow her off twice thanks to spy stuff, much to her disbelief. But playing hard to get can actually work, it seems, since she insists on an audience and plants one on him after he refuses to take back a box of stuff he left in Hawaii. And good for Morgan, because he totally shoots her down when she says she wants him back. (Or rather, she wants the new, improved Morgan back … and though I take his side, I think we can all agree that “improved” doesn’t belong in sarcastic finger quotes in this case.) Way to stand up for yourself, buddy.


  • Sarah: “It’s official: There is absolutely nothing on TV.” Chuck: “Yeah, Monday nights can be a bit of a wasteland.”
  • Dr. Dreyfus: “As far as the Intersect goes, we’ve known for some time that it could spur a host of side effects.” Chuck: “Like dry scalp? Because I’ve had annoyingly dry scalp since…”
  • Jeffrey: “You’re leaving me Appliances? That’s full of lumpy housewives … my favorite.”
  • Chuck: “That’s a giant needle, bad, bad. Colored liquid, even worse.”

What do you think about the latest Intersect development, and Chuck’s choice to keep information from Sarah? How about Ellie’s recruitment into the spy world?

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Posted by:Liz Pardue