zach levi chuck directs 320 'Chuck': Zachary Levi debuts as a directorMonday’s (March 8) episode of “Chuck” marks the directorial debut of series star Zachary Levi. Good thing he got a nice, straightforward episode to helm.

You know, one that features every regular member of the cast, some location shooting, the return of Jeffster!, several action scenes and a huge development in the show’s ongoing story. So, no big deal, right?

“They’re all easy episodes,” Levi says with a laugh during a conference call with reporters. “No — you know, I was really blessed. … I felt like I got a really great episode.”

Although he was both in front of and behind the camera for Monday’s episode — titled “Chuck vs. the Beard” — Levi says he never felt uncomfortable giving his castmates direction.

“I get to work with these guys all the time, and I know them to know their characters inside and out better than anyone else does,” Levi says. “So you don’t really have to say much, just kind of let them do what they do — and they do it so well. I would only come in if there was, like, a pacing thing [or] if it was a timing thing. … But everyone brings their A game all the time. That’s why I love and respect them so much.”

Levi’s co-star, Josh Gomez, says he loves the episode too, and vouches for his friend’s abilities overseeing the show.

“It was so cool to have Zach get that episode,” Gomez says. “I think it’s an important episode in the show. And it’s just a great job. It’s not an easy to show to direct — we’ve made quite a few men and women bald, I think, with it. … We have a fantastic crew that also was just so behind Zach, which was really cool to see. If there’s anybody who understands the show, you know, no on else spends more time on those sets besides Zach and our crew.”

“Chuck vs. the Beard” airs at 8 p.m. ET Monday on NBC. Here’s a peek at the episode.

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