zachary levi chuck s5 vert 'Chuck': Zachary Levi set to direct again in Season 5“Chuck” star Zachary Levi is putting on his director’s hat again in Season 5.

Levi, who has helmed two previous episodes of the series, will direct the season’s fifth episode, which is filming next week, Zap2it has learned. And if that episode is anything like his previous directorial efforts, fans of the show are in for quite a ride.

The first episode Levi directed was Season 3’s “Chuck vs. the Beard,” in which Morgan (Joshua Gomez) learned that Chuck (Levi) is a spy. He followed that up with last season’s “Chuck vs. the Leftovers,” which had Chuck getting the Intersect back and Volkoff (Timothy Dalton) finding out that Frost (Linda Hamilton) is Chuck’s mom.

So what do we know about the upcoming episode? We know that it’s one featuring Carrie-Anne Moss as the head of a rival spy agency and possible love interest for Casey (Adam Baldwin). We also know it’s the episode in which “Community’s” Danny Pudi has a cameo.

We don’t know how (or if) those facts fit together yet, but we’re awfully excited to find out. The episode should air in mid-November.

Posted by:Rick Porter