ryan mcpartlin gi 450x600 'Chuck's' Ryan McPartlin's girly drink weakness and 10 more confessions“Chuck’s”  Ryan McPartlin  knows that it takes a real man to admit to liking girly drinks.

The actor, who returns as Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb on the spy comedy on Monday, Jan. 17, subjects himself to Zap2it’s Celeb Slam Book, beginning with whether or not he’s graduated from his girly drink guilty pleasure that he admitted to at Comic-Con.

“Aw, man, here we go. Yeah no I haven’t,” he tells Zap2it with a laugh. “I like my Cosmos once in a while, but if you put an Appletini in front of me, I won’t say no. The thing is I can get into just about anything. It depends on what everyone’s doing around me too. I’m a very social butterfly.”

McPartlin also opens up about his first celebrity crush (Hint: She set young boys’ hearts aflutter on “Who’s the Boss?”), a movie that makes him cry without fail and the ambitious shoes he’d like to fill for one day.

We present to you Ryan McPartlin’s Celeb Slam Book:

1) Can you tell us about your first kiss?
I think it was on the dance floor in 7th grade. In a public place, I made a big show out of it. I let my friends know I was going to do it and I  planted it on her for a couple giggles and chuckles. I think I was even wearing braces. It wasn’t the sexiest thing. What are you going to do?

2) What food can you not resist?
I have a list of things I have to eat when I’m in Chicago. Portillo’s hot dogs, cheeseburgers. I probably switched from Lou Malnati’s, but anyway a Chicago-style deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s or Giordano’s. That probably does it right there. Hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza. It couldn’t get worst for you.

3) Is there a star out there you’d like to be a personal trainer for?
It would probably be somebody where I could really make a difference. I would have loved to have been, like, Chris Farley‘s personal trainer. I’m a little bit optimistic and spiritual in that way, but if I was a personal trainer I wouldn’t necessarily want to take someone who’s already in fantastic shape. I would want to take someone who has serious issues. I think Captain Awesome would do the same thing. The coach part of me too, to take on a real challenge.

4) What is your worst trait or habit?
I like coffee, I like my Happy Hours and I like beer on the weekends. I watch football with beer, but that’s not too bad.

5) What’s your deepest fear?

Not being there when my kids need me. That would be the closest to a deep fear.

6) Movie that makes you cry?

I think I’d go with “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” My favorite. Love John Candy.

7) Who was your first celebrity crush?
Alyssa Milano. I’ve never met her out here [in Hollywood] actually, but that would be very strange to be like, “Oh hey, I had a picture of you in my locker in seventh grade when I had my first kiss with my braces on. I might have been picturing you, Alyssa. So nice to meet you.”

8) What’s a show or cartoon you don’t mind watching with your kids?

“Little Einsteins.” I don’t mind listening to their music. I like “Baby Einstein” better before the kids were talking though when it was just classical music. It was great.

9) If you could be invisible, tell us a naughty thing you would do.
I’d love to be on the set of a Jim Carrey movie and just watch him in action the whole time. That’s not so naughty, but all the actors I really admire, I’d love to go on the sets and not have anyone know I’m there and just watch them in between takes and how they are in real life and watch their process as actors as well.

10) If you could trade lives with someone for one day, who would it be?
I’d probably have to say [Barack] Obama as crazy as that sounds. I visited the West Wing while Bush was still in office and it was just amazing to me. I see why a lot of actors become infatuated with politics because lives are really at stake. It’s a whole differnt ballgame when you’re at that level. So I’d probably do that for one day and try and see what it really is like to be in his shoes.

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