kelsey williams chunky cheerleader okc thunder gi 'Chunky' cheerleader from OKC Thunder speaks out: 'I'm a size 4'

Kelsey Williams, the OKC Thunder cheerleader called “too chunky” to cheer by the CBS Houston website is finally speaking out in her own defense. “I got online and was reading the article and, I mean, my heart sank,” Williams says in an interview with “Good Morning America.” “I was definitely embarrassed and just devastated.”
Houston’s CBS Local website, which is an affiliate of CBS Radio, criticized Kelsey’s so-called “pudginess” and her flat-chested appearance. The female author of the now deleted article, who was reportedly fired, wrote “We are just discussing what men like in women, specifically NBA cheerleaders.” 
But Kelsey says the writer should be ashamed. “I mean, you’re a woman,” she says. “You know exactly what we all go through on a daily basis just being a woman … Shame on you.” The third year veteran of the dance squad also defends her physique, telling “GMA,” she eats right, works out every single day and wears a size 4 in clothing. “I have always had more of an athletic build, different from the slender ballerina that some people may think of as a dancer,” Kelsey says.
Kelsey fights back tears describing the first time she donned the Thunder Girls uniform after the criticism, worrying that fans would be looking for her to pick apart her figure. As for that cruel sports writer, Kelsey says she shouldn’t have been fired. “I have so much love in me. Sending hate her way would do nothing,” she says. “What’s done is done. I’m just going to keep my chin up.”
Well, Ms. Williams may only be a size 4, but it’s pretty clear who’s the bigger woman here.

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