paul haggis church of scientology Church of Scientology responds: Paul Haggis, watch your back

In a recent profile in The New Yorker, filmmaker Paul Haggis opens up about his three decades in the Church of Scientology — something the “Crash” writer now openly regards as a cult.

Out of the church for two years now, the schism happened when Haggis — who has two openly gay daughters — could not convince Scientology officials to publicly condemn Proposition 8.

“I was in a cult for 34 years,” Haggis says. “Everyone could see it. I don’t know why I couldn’t.”

EW obtained a statement from the church in response to Haggis’ claims: “The article is little more than a regurgitation of old allegations that have long been disproved. It is disappointing that a magazine with the reputation of The New Yorker chose to reprint these sensationalist claims from disaffected former members hardly worthy of a tabloid.”

Expect to see copies of The New Yorker popping up in grocery check-out lanes any day now.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell