ciara nude pics photos 50 cent Ciara nude pics leak: 50 Cent's naked birthday gift pictures hit the webYet another celebrity is swept up in a nude photo scandal after taking naked pics for a significant other. This time, it’s singer Ciara, who allegedly took the photos for her on-again off-again boyfriend 50 Cent as a gift for his birthday in July — though some sources say the pics may be as much as five years old.

As usual, the pics come to us courtesy of MediaTakeOut, which has also been responsible for the release of nude photos of Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Travis Barker. The site also teased Frank Ocean’s coming out before he admitted he was gay.

Most recently, the site targeted Will Smith’s 14-year-old son, posting an obscene rant that Jaden Smith later denied came from him.

This time, the photos weren’t stolen from a hacked cell phone or email account, but taken behind-the-scenes at a private photoshoot. Ciara appears nude, except for elaborate decorative body paint. They’re hardly scandalous — the singer looks fantastic, and there’s very little revealed here that she didn’t show off for Vibe Magazine already. You can see the uncensored version on MediaTakeOut’s site.

Go 50, it’s your birthday…

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie