cindy anthony Cindy Anthony won't be charged for perjury regarding 'chloroform' internet search claimsWe know — we usually don’t cover crime and court cases in Pop2it, but since all of this is inevitably going to be turned into a can’t-miss Lifetime movie, we’re just getting a jump on our coverage.

Cindy Anthony will not be charged with perjury for controversial statements she made to the jury during her daughter Casey’s highly publicized murder trial. The prosecutors found that “chloroform” and “neck breaking” had been searched on Casey’s home computer, and that these searches indicated that Casey was planning to kill her daughter, Caylee.

In a surprise twist, Cindy claims that it was in fact her who Googled those odd queries. “I started looking at chlorophyll,” she said on the stand. “That prompted me to look up chloroform.”

The general public believes that Cindy falsified her testimony, but the State Attorney’s office isn’t pursuing charges of perjury.

So, tell us. Who should play the Anthony ladies in the TV movie?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie