Cindy McCain wants to be the first lady. And she’s already got the wardrobe for the job.

Cindy has ditched her fave feminine pastels and opted for strong bold primary colors at today’s opening of the Republican National Convention. She wore a bright orange shortsleeved dress earlier today, speaking about the Hurricane Gustav situation, promising aid to the victims. She accessorized with a bright pink soft cast on her wrist, which was reportedly injured recently by an overzealous voter’s handshake. Carpal campaign trail syndrome?

Most noticeable?  Her now ubiquitous diamond Navy USMC pin. Yikes. Nothing screams elitist like a diamond (we’re betting those are not cubic zirconias) Navy USMC pin.

CindymccainLater, Cindy put on a screaming bright chartreuse belted shirt dress, with a high flipped-up collar, lots more pearls and that same diamond USMC pin. Think Donna Reed with a touch of the maniacal Queen of Hearts in "Alice in Wonderland."

No word yet on the designers of these outfits. But Cindy’s been known to favor designs by Escada, Michael Kors and Carolina Herrera. She recently did a little window shopping at Oscar de la Renta, while her limo driver waited patiently outside the designer’s Manhattan showroom. 

We know that reigning First Lady Laura Bush has favored Oscar, so it’s doubtful that Cindy will steal Laura’s fashion thunder by doing Oscar at the convention. But at the inaugural, all bets are off, babe!

It’s only the first day, but Cindy’s already worn her pale blond hair two conventional ways. First, down and loose. Later, pulled back and up with wispy bangs. We can hardly wait to see all her hairdos and ongoing fashion show for the next few days.

Not everyone is a big fan of the beer fortune heiress’ to-the-manner-born mode.

In fact , last week “Project Runway” judge Tim Gunn told Us Weekly, "Cindy McCain looks like someone has twisted her ponytail into a knot and tried to give her a face-lift."

And he also told New York magazine. “Cindy with her suits and she’s all buttoned up, she’s just soooo — she just looks like she’s duct-taped! There is just something about her, and in a way it’s a metaphor about who she is!"

Gunn is, however, a big-big fan of Michelle Obama‘s younger, fresher and more accessible style.

What do you think of Cindy McCain’s perfectly coiffed, designer dressed appearance? Post your thoughts!

Photo credits: Getty Images

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead