claire danes law and order emmys gi Claire Danes on 'Law & Order': Would you give this woman an Emmy?As we count down to the 2014 Emmy AwardsZap2it is taking a closer look at each of the lead acting nominees for comedy and drama — and judging them not by their best work, but by some of the more dubious credits on their IMDB pages. So we ask you: Based on what you’re about to see, would you give this person an Emmy?

Claire Danes might get teased about her cry face, but she’s always recognized as a phenomenal actress. From her early days in “My So-Called Life” to her comeback with “Temple Grandin” to her current run on “Homeland,” Danes is frequently recognized for her acting prowess.
That’s why it was really, really, really hard to find a clip that might make people question whether she is deserving of an Emmy at the 2014 awards show. Sure, her Latisse commercial performance wasn’t great, but she didn’t have great source material either.
One of Danes’ early roles, like most actors and actresses based in New York, was on “Law & Order.” She’s in the Season 3 premiere, “Skin Deep,” and a snippet of her role is online in the below compilation video. It begins at the 1:12 mark, and shows the then-13-year-old talking about how she took nude pictures for a man.

Even then Danes showed the spark of talent that would quickly propel her to be one of the most critically acclaimed teens on television. Cast your vote below over whether you would give Claire Danes-circa-1992 an Emmy.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz