Can Claire Danes‘ shatteringly subtle and poignant performance in Steve Martin‘s “Shopgirl” get any attention this awards season?

Claire Danes

Disney sure hopes so. The studio is mounting a best actress Oscar campaign for the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress (“My So-Called Life”). You may not have heard much about Danes what with all the noise over Charlize Theron‘s legal battles, Naomi Watts‘ monkey shines, Felicity Huffman‘s switch-hitting, Reese Witherspoon‘s Cash flow, Julianne Moore‘s jingle writing or Maria Bello‘s sexy stair climbing. But that may change.

Danes is currently filming “The Flock” in New Mexico with Richard Gere and is reportedly excited about the campaign. Expect to hear a lot more from Danes since she’ll no doubt be back in L.A. to promote her newest film, “The Family Stone,” which premieres on Dec. 6 at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood.

Disney will also be pushing for a best adapted screenplay Oscar for Martin, who adapted the script from his novel about modern Hollywood romance. And it’s worth remembering that Martin won a WGA award for his adaptation of “Roxanne” based on Edmond Rostand’s play “Cyrano de Bergerac.”

Hey, does anyone remember that “Shopgirl” was the script Winona Ryder was reportedly “researching” in 2001 when she “borrowed” all those designer duds from Saks Fifth Avenue, which served as the location for the film in 2003? Yeah, we’d forgotten too. Bet Ryder wishes everyone would.

Photo: Claire Danes looks golden at the London Film Festival screening of “Shopgirl” on Oct. 28, 2005.
(Tim Whitby / WireImage)

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