clarissa explains it all book sequel things i cant explain melissa joan hart 'Clarissa Explains It All' to return as a new book, 'Things I Can't Explain'

The ’90s nostalgia train rolls on. Its next stop appears to be “Clarissa Explains It All,” the 1991-1994 Nickelodeon sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart. Thanks to a new book, “Things I Can’t Explain,” fans are going to get a taste of Clarissa Darling after she’s all grown up.

“Things I Can’t Explain,” written by “Clarissa” creator Mitchell Kriegman, is set for a publication date in the fall of 2014 (according to The story will follow a 23-year-old Clarissa as she tries to negotiate the perils of young adulthood. Instead of dealing with adolescent crushes and dorky brothers, adult Clarissa will face adult problems. Will she be able to get a good job? What sort of living arrangements will she manage? How does a person deal with parents as a grown-up?

And of course, how is a young woman to find a good boyfriend who is actually available?

Knowing Clarissa, she’ll probably figure it out eventually. And then she’ll tell us about it, monologue-style, while Sam climbs in through the window (something that might be kind of creepy when an adult man does it).

It’s not yet known which beloved “Clarissa” characters are likely to make a return or even when the book will take place. As Clarissa Darling would actually be in her mid-30s by now (Pause for a moment to reflect on how old you are… Now continue.), the story will have to deal with that. We’re either looking at a tale from roughly the early 2000s or else we’re getting one of those literary time warps.

Posted by:Laurel Brown