clay aiken tried and true Clay Aiken reprises 'American Idol' performances, announces he's not singleIn case you were dying to know what American Idol alum Clay Aiken‘s relationship status is on Facebook, he confirmed to Us that he’s “not on the market.”

“I am not looking, let me put it that way!” Aiken says.

Aiken is preparing to hit the road with Ruben Studdard, who beat him in the final round of “American Idol’s” Season 2. Many fans were surprised to hear that the duo would be reuniting, because Aiken has made an effort to sever his ties with “American Idol.”

“Everyone who was on ‘American Idol’ wants to make sure that people realize that they can stand on their
own,” Aiken says. “I’ve said a few times that Idol got me to the same place it got
everybody else who was a runner-up. I’m very appreciative of being
given the stuff that I have, but the six years post-‘Idol’ kind of have been trying to take what they gave me and make it continue to work.”

Though Aiken says he and Studdard are “the two most opposite people you’ll ever meet in your life,” they’re very close friends and are looking forward to finally hitting the road together.

Included in the tour – and on Aiken’s new album, “Tried and True,” are several songs that will seem familiar to longtime “Idol” buffs, since Aiken performed them on the show. “I think that to some extent, anybody who comes off the show sort of
needs to stick with what brought them through that dance. I loved what
I got to do on Idol every week. They were great songs that I really
enjoyed singing them and when I got off the show I didn’t get a chance
to do that as much,” he says of the classic tunes that got him to the #2 slot.

“To me, it’s about being
about to perform live,” Aiken continues. “Everything I do from now on will continue to be
songs that aren’t about being the coolest thing in the world or being
radio-friendly, they are about being me and also something I enjoy

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie