The upcoming season of Lost is going to be a marathon, not a sprint, for yours truly. After yesterday’s analysis, I felt winded. Got me some Gatorade, stretched for a bit, and then hired a personal masseuse from Norway to work out my aching bones so I’d be in tip-top shape for the start of the season.

With that in mind, I’m going to try to ease into the start of Season 4 with a few house-cleaning items. Gonna lay off the major theory dropping until Thursday’s episode airs. Lord knows there’s plenty of theory to catch up on around these parts; you conspiracy hounds will not be lacking for content.

That being said, given recent mobisode reveals, I feel it necessary to point you all towards something I said a few weeks ago:

I’ve been curious about Vincent since Episode 1. After all, Vincent is the first thing that Jack Shepard sees after crashing on the Island. The structure and framing of that sequence definitely gave off an air of "keep an eye on this mutt." While we soon learned Vincent’s reason for being on the Island, one cannot help but be struck at how often Vincent either leads a Lostaway in one of two ways:

   1. Directly towards something they need/desire
   2. Directly into harm’s way

Reminds me a lot of the Island itself, and it should remind you as well.

I’m wrong so often, I feel the need to gloat on the few occasions in which I get it right.  Onto the cleaning!

Lost fans should know that there are four hours of Lost material on ABC this week. Tomorrow, Wednesday January 30th, there’s a special re-airing of the Season 3 finale, "Through the Looking Glass." Yes, you’ve seen it before, but this airing will feature on-screen information and background while the show airs. Not sure if this will work or not, but it’s worth checking out. On Thursday, there will be a one-hour recap episode followed by the GREATEST HOUR OF TELEVISION TO EVER AIR ON AMERICAN TELEVISION. (OK, I’m kinda excited for Season 4. I guess you can tell, huh?)

If you come here looking for episode recaps, you’ll be looking in the wrong place. Much like everyone in the real world looking for Oceanic 815. You won’t be a thousand miles off-course, but you will be in the wrong blog. Make sure to bookmark It Happened Last Night, the brother/sister blog to this one. There’s a whole Brady Bunch o’ blogs here at Zap2It. Let’s all just pray I’m not the Jan of the bunch.

All other Lost entries will stay here, will 5-7 entries per week. When I used to recap the show, I tried to shove everything into one single essay that at times matched the length of War and Peace. Now that I have this blog, I’ll be able to examine each episode in a much more laid back, much more thorough, and entirely more obsessive manner. Everyone wins. Except my wife, whom I suspect is lonely right about now.

If you like what you read, you might like what you hear. (Shameless plug alert! Abandon hope, all ye who read on!) Click here to be taken to my podcast home. Each weekend, I’ll be producing a 15-20 minute podcast analyzing the world of Lost. I’ll be expanding upon all the topics I discuss weekly here on the blog, and I have a voice like the Caucasian version of Barry White, so, major bonus there for you all.

And with that, I humbly leave you all. Be sure to visit It Happened Last Night this Thursday for my analysis of the season premiere, and keep checking here as always for the latest in Lost news.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee