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Reeseangie_2 Who makes more money? Reese Witherspoon or Angelina Jolie? And is poor Nicole Kidman heading for the Hollywood poorhouse? Click HERE to find out!

Click HERE for the latest amazing news on reversing fugly, wrinkled, saggy aging skin! If you’re a mouse.

Paul McCartney has a son?

Hayden Panettiere must have forgiven Milo Ventimilgia for hanging out with Paris Hilton earlier this week. How do we know?  Because of WHAT the "Heroes" costars were seen doing last night, that’s how.

The disgruntled writer who sued over "The Da Vinci Code" DIES.  A coincidence? Or was there a self-flagellating albino monk involved?

OMG! Is another Hollywood Pizza Boy going gold-digging? Did he hit the mother lode (Paris Hilton)?

A solo Eva Longoria finally picks up her very own award (other than Teen Choice Breakthrough Performance) for  "Desperate Housewives." And it’s …. a Bambi? What are the Bambi Awards? Beats me. But apparently there have been 59 of them.

(Photo courtesy AFP/Getty Images)

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead