clint eastwood age 105 Clint Eastwood hopes to be directing movies at age 105

At 82 years old, Clint Eastwood shows no signs of slowing down. The actor-turned-director’s last movie was 2011’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic “J. Edgar,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the former head of the FBI. He then acted in 2012’s “Trouble with the Curve,” his first role in a movie he didn’t direct since an uncredited cameo in 1995’s “Casper.”
Eastwood joined fellow director Darren Aronofsky for a talk at the Tribeca Film Festival Saturday (April 27). During the discussion, Fox News reports, Eastwood and Aronofsky talked about Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira. The filmmaker, 104 years old, is currently in pre-production on his next movie, “The Church of the Devil.” Eastwood expressed an admiration for de Oliveira, saying, “It would be great to be 105 and still making films.”
The two directors talked about a wide-range of film-related topics, including how Eastwood gets studios to pay for the movies he wants to direct, citing the fact that executives originally didn’t want to fund “Million Dollar Baby,” which went on to win the Oscar for Best Picture. “In the early days it was more of a fight,” he says, “Now, they go, ‘Oh, well, if he’s the old guy.'”
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