clint eastwood chair rnc 2012 Clint Eastwood RNC speech: President Obama, Chris Rock and more reactClint Eastwood took the stage at the Republican National Convention Thursday night (Aug. 30) — and promptly gave viewers what may turn out to be the weirdest thing we see all campaign season. He rambled and interacted with an empty chair, pretending it was President Obama, for roughly 10 minutes. The reactions have been swift.

president obama clint eastwood response Clint Eastwood RNC speech: President Obama, Chris Rock and more react“This seat’s taken,” tweets President Obama, along with the picture to the right.

Patton Oswalt tweets:

  • “To restore balance to the Universe, Obama must have Tommy Chong onstage at the DNC talking to a steak.”
  • “I love you, Clint. I always will. But you changed the theme of the RNC from ‘WE BUILT THIS’ to ‘I CAN’T WATCH THIS’.”
  • “‘If Clint Eastwood ever talks to a chair on national TV, people will need a way to reassure each other'” — inventor of Twitter, March 2006 “

Seth Meyers tweets:

  • “‘Ramble’ #What’sOnClint’sTeleprompter”
  • “I hope invisible Obama stays on stage for Romney’s speech.”
  • “That was so awesome. Biden has to go shirtless for DNC to top it.” 

Frank Conniff says, “I still like Clint Eastwood. A crazy Republican talking to a chair is the least harm a crazy Republican has done in ages.”

Bob Newhart tweets, “I heard that Clint Eastwood was channeling me at the RNC. My lawyers and I are drafting our lawsuit… #RNC #ClintEastwood #rnc2012 #GOP2012,” referring to his old bit of talking to an empty chair.

Roger Ebert says, “Clint, my hero, is coming across as sad and pathetic. He didn’t need to do this to himself. It’s unworthy of him.”

Chris Rock tweets, “Clint Eastwood on the phone with Obama now: ‘It all went according to plan,sir.'”

Zachary Quinto writes:

  • “is clint eastwood meant to instill confidence in republicans?! i am legitimately scared of his talking to imaginary obama.”
  • “is this a segment for mrs. eastwood and company?”

“clint eastwood is CRAY,” tweets Roseanne

“Still reeling from that #Clint performance – sooooooooo weird.” tweets Piers Morgan

“I.Love. Clint Eastwood,” says Blake Shelton

Zach Braff

  • “Still can’t tell if Clint was hallucinating or President is really invisible now.”
  • “Breaking: Clint Eastwood to tell kids to ‘get off his lawn!'”
  • “Now all my chairs want to be interviewed too.”
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