clint eastwood dina gi Clint Eastwood's family takes the reality TV plungeWe never thought we’d see the day when Clint Eastwood’s name would be associated with reality TV, but apparently the 81-year-old actor, director and all around most respected guy in Hollywood (or one of them) will make some appearances on a new reality show about his wife Dina and the couple’s two daughters — Francesca, 18 (she’s Clint’s daughter with his ex Frances Fisher), and Morgan, 15.

The show — “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” — will air on E! (the same network that brings us the Kardashians) starting on May 20 and chronicles Dina’s management of a South African a cappella singing group called Overtone she “discovered” while Clint was directing the Oscar-winning film “Invictus.”

Dina says not to expect plenty of fun since the group live’s at the Eastwoods’ Carmel, Calif., home. On their third day in the U.S., Dina tells E! News, one of the band members crashed Clint’s new Mercedes into a grocery store.

The only way this could be more perfect is if there’s an orangutan involved.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson