When George Clooney was at the Cannes Film Festival for the Coen brothers’ “Oh
Brother, Where Art Thou” premiere in 2000, he celebrated at an after-party held high in
the hills above Cannes, a lavish home owned by an Arab businessman of some repute. There were huge B&W cardboard cows propped up on the lawn, and in the center of the pool and guests were
given tins of old-fashioned hair pomade with a photo of Clooney (in "Oh, Brother" character) on it. Seriously. I still treasure mine. It’s so never going on Ebay!

Hpim0517This year, things will be slightly different. And more charitable. Word is Clooney plans
to make use of the international attention by holding a fundraiser
screening of "Ocean’s Thirteen" benefitting the people of Darfur on May 22nd,
two days before the Steven Soderbergh thriller officially premieres at
the Palais. Wow. Two "Ocean’s" bashes in one week?

It’s also expected
that the entire cast, Brad Pitt (and Angelina?), Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, even Ellen Barkin, will be in town for most
of the week and will hit Wednesday night’s always star-studded amfAR
dinner. This is sure to give the Darfur crisis major international
press coverage and support. Did I mention Bono will be in Cannes too? Jane Fonda will most likely attend the AmfAR fete there too. She’s attending a special tribute to her father on on May 26 at the Carlton Hotel.

So Pitt has another reason to be in Cannes, other than just to support his life partner, co-parent Angelina Jolie at the Cannes premiere of her new film “Mighty Heart,” about the death of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

And there’s more…

]]>Leonardo DiCaprio  is promoting an environmental documentary “The Eleventh Hour” at Cannes. He produced and co-wrote the doc with filmmakers Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners. Guess Al Gore wasn’t kidding when he recently told me, “Leonardo knows more about the environment than I do.” To which Leo demurred, “Everything I know I learned from him.”

Oh, and Michael Moore will premiere “Sicko,” his new movie about the ridiculous US health care situation. This is gonna be one politically-charged festival. Like it or not, Hollywood’s activists keep doing their darndest to educate people and save/change the world. Bravo, guys!

Photo Credits: Of course, George will wear an Armani tux (or two) to Cannes.  Here he is at Armani’s recent LA fashion show and party at Ron Burkle’s estate.
D. Wilcox/WireImage
Photo Credits: The treasured Oh, Brother Where Art Thou" party souvenir from the Cannes fest in 2000.
That would be me.   

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead