George Clooney‘s new girlfriend, Sarah Larson, looked a little battered tonight at the New York premiere of "Michael Clayton." Actorgeorg_j_ke_14861096_600

But considering they’d had a minor accident while riding his motorcycle in New Jersey over the weekend, it wasn’t too bad.

George’s gal pal hobbled in on crutches, with a bandaged and reportedly broken foot. She also wore makeup to hide a black eye, sez Clooney. The actor, who wore a bandage on his left hand and reportedly has a BROKEN RIB, admitted to reporters, "It looks like I socked her a couple times."

Hah hah. What a kidder. Clooney’s squeeze’s bruise is kinda like Brad Pitt’s so-called nose bleed (read about it HERE!) received on the set of their new movie, "Burn After Reading."

Are these two guys totally outta control? Nyah. But you can bet the tabloids will have a field day with this stuff.

Photo credits: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead