Crazy "Dancing with the Stars" expat Cloris Leachman –- wearing a glitzy Las Vegas chicken suit — got herself into all kinds of contortions on "The Jimmy Kimmel" show this week.

Unable to sit in the chair without having her feet way off the ground, she finally removes the chair cushion but ended up sliding down on the floor, where she’s joined by Kimmel.

“Two months on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and this is gonna be where you get injured,” said Jimmy, who kept trying to find out the secret behind the 82-year-old’s amazing energy.

After she credits her partner Corky Ballas with holding her up, Kimmel asks, "Will you ever talk to Corky again?

“Never. I never liked him,” replied a prone Leachman.

The segment ends with her ‘DWTS’ shoes being set on fire.

For your enjoyment, here’s one of Cloris’ famous scenes with Gene Wilder from "Young Frankenstein" that we just never get tired of watching.

Long live Frau Blucher! (Whinnnnnnny)

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead